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About Us

Customer’s today want the best quality and service for their money. Here at our company our goal is to provide the best products and service to you at an affordable price. No hassle, no hidden fees, and no big corporation mentalities.

Just simple, honest, hardworking customer service, with integrity.


The team at The Irrigation Guys, feel that something is missing in today’s service industry and that something is honesty, hard work, and customer service. Companies today seem to only be interested in their bottom line, but at the detriment of the customer. The mentality is “as long as we get what we want, you can have what you want.”

Our single goal is to provide you with options and solutions for you to reach your goal, and your happiness, nothing else matters but YOU, the customer. Our philosophy is, the customer comes first always, and as long as we do that, everything else will fall in its place.


We strive for excellence in everything that we do, and if we fall short, we make it right. We do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers, even when we mess up and fall short of customer’s expectations.


Please give us a call and let's start working together to meet your irrigations needs and goals. The service company relationship you’ve dreamed of is just a phone call away.

Meet the Team

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